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To ensure that business, real estate, and personal transactions are handled appropriately and prevent future problems, many individuals and businesses hire lawyers for tasks such as contract review and due diligence. Unfortunately, clients can be harmed when their attorneys neglect to properly perform these duties.

When a lawyer has a conflict of interest with the client or commits other ethics violations, allows a damaging breach of confidentiality, breaches his or her fiduciary duty, or commits malfeasance or criminal activity, their professional misconduct can cost clients money. An attorney grievance with the State Bar simply does not restore the client to his or her expected financial condition.

Contact Shuford Law Firm for a consultation. For over 35 years, legal negligence attorney David Shuford has been advocating for Texas clients who have been damaged by attorneys and law firms from Texas and out-of-state:

  • In real estate contracts, when an attorney fails to mitigate or disclose unfavorable terms, does not properly escrow accounts, or is otherwise negligent, clients may find themselves facing loss of their earnest money or burdened with unexpected costs or penalties. 
  • Attorneys are often responsible for learning the true value of assets and debts in many real estate and business transactions. If an attorney fails to discover or properly disclose the value of stock or to detect an issue with title to real property, the result may amount to huge monetary losses, sometimes even millions of dollars. 
  • If an attorney’s negligence prevents the transfer of assets such as stock, clients may lose their interest entirely and even end up in bankruptcy. 
  • When attorneys draft documents, contracts, or partnership agreements, it is their obligation to make sure the client’s interests are properly represented. When they fail to notice, mitigate, or communicate the true situation, their negligence can cause substantial financial harm.
  • Attorneys may accept contract terms or settlements on behalf of a client without permission, to their detriment.

At Shuford Law Firm, you will find a highly experienced north Texas legal negligence attorney who is proud to protect Texans and the legal profession by standing up to other lawyers and law firms when their negligence or wrongful conduct harms clients. He draws from his three decades of experience, having worked for large, established law firms and as a sole practitioner. He understands law firms’ operations, the legal industry, and the law.

You will enjoy personal attention and clear communication with your professional misconduct lawyer from the inception of your case. Contact our firm for a consultation. All cases are taken on a contingency basis.

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4054 McKinney Avenue, Suite 310
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Shuford Law Firm, located in Dallas, Texas, serves the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, north Texas, and all of Texas, including Plano, Houston, and Austin.

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