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Justice for Those Injured by Legal Professionals
People naturally turn to lawyers for help with personal and professional legal problems. Unfortunately, sometimes these very legal professionals make unacceptable mistakes that cause harm.

Like other professionals, attorneys owe certain legal duties to their clients. When an attorney fails to exercise the high level of care and skill required of the legal profession, a client may be damaged. If the malpractice involved litigation, the client is harmed twice: first by the conduct that brought about the original lawsuit, and second when the lawyer’s mistake made it impossible to obtain justice. If the attorney’s professional negligence involved a transaction such as a business contract or real estate agreement, the client may lose money, or lose their interest in a valuable asset.

If you have been negligently represented by a legal professional, the legal malpractice law firm of Shuford Law Firm, located in Dallas, Texas, will stand up for your rights. Contact us for a consultation.

Experienced Texas Legal Malpractice Attorney
At Shuford Law Firm, we are proud to serve Texans and the legal profession by holding lawyers who do not maintain expected professional standards responsible for the damage they cause. We have an excellent reputation and track record for doing so. Legal malpractice attorney David W. Shuford represents individuals and businesses that have been damaged by lawyers and law firms from Texas and out-of-state.

Because Mr. Shuford has worked at large law firms, he is able to draw from his experience in understanding their operations and the strategies they use to defend themselves when malpractice is alleged. Each client benefits from Mr. Shuford’s personal attention from the beginning to the end of each case.

When you need help with a legal malpractice matter, contact our firm for a consultation. All cases are taken on a contingency basis.

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4054 McKinney Avenue, Suite 310
Dallas, TX 75204

Phone: (214) 742-1701
Fax: (214) 745-8935

Our Texas business litigation lawyer & legal malpractice attorney at the Shuford Law Firm, located in Dallas, Texas, serves the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, north Texas, and all of Texas, including Plano, Houston, and Austin.

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