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Dallas Legal Malpractice Law Firm
Over the past 35 years, people in Dallas, Texas have come to rely on Shuford Law Firm. Our legal malpractice law firm has built an excellent reputation for taking legal professionals to task when they have breached their duty to properly and vigorously represent their clients. We also advocate for clients in contract and commercial disputes through business litigationContact us for a consultation.

A Legal Malpractice Attorney Willing to Confront Other Lawyers
When clients are harmed because of the negligence or wrongdoing of the legal professionals they turn to for advice, they often find it difficult to find help—because most lawyers will not sue other lawyers.

Clients who come to Shuford Law Firm can trust their legal matters to an experienced Texas legal malpractice attorney who is proud to serve the people of Texas and the legal profession by holding malpracticing attorneys accountable for their actions.

Sophisticated Practice and a Deep Understanding of Law Firm Operations
Licensed to practice law in the state of Texas since 1970, attorney David W. Shuford started his legal career doing business transactional work for large law firms. That experience gives Mr. Shuford an understanding of the structure of these firms and their common defenses when malpractice is alleged.

Because of his reputation and track record of pursuing multi-million dollar settlements against lawyers who practice in every area of the law, including real estate, business, and personal injury, Mr. Shuford often receives referrals from other attorneys.

Shuford Law Firm is committed to offering excellent personal service. Every case gets his personal attention from beginning to end. Contact our firm for a consultation. All cases are taken on a contingency basis.

Shuford Law Firm, located in Dallas, Texas, serves the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, north Texas, and all of Texas, including Plano, Houston, and Austin.

Dallas County Tarrant County

Shuford Law Firm

4054 McKinney Avenue, Suite 310
Dallas, TX 75204

Phone: (214) 742-1701
Fax: (214) 745-8935

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