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Legal Malpractice during Litigation

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When a dispute needs to go to trial, the lawyer has a duty to the client to vigorously represent the client’s interests. This includes making sure that all deadlines aref met, law and precedent are properly researched, and court procedures are followed. If a lawyer fails to perform these duties, their legal negligence may cost the client their single chance at victory and monetary recompense.

An attorney’s misrepresentations, a damaging breach of confidentiality, a conflict of interest or other ethics violations, breach of fiduciary duty, malfeasance, or criminal wrongdoing may contribute to the client’s losses. An attorney grievance with the State Bar simply does not return the client to his or her expected financial position.

Experienced Dallas Litigation Malpractice Attorney
If you have lost a lawsuit because of lawyer malpractice, contact the Dallas, Shuford Law Firm for a north Texas legal malpractice attorney who is not afraid to stand up to other attorneys and law firms. Lawyer malpractice attorney David W. Shuford represents individuals and businesses that have been damaged by negligent trial attorneys for reasons such as:

  • failure to file a lawsuit within the Statute of Limitations or meet other court deadlines
  • failure to file a proper Notice of Claim, give proper notice to parties, or meet other procedural requirements
  • suing the wrong person
  • failure to supply necessary documents
  • failure to conduct or respond to discovery or performing inadequate discovery
  • failure to file for or respond to a motion for summary judgment
  • failure to appear for required meetings or for a trial date
  • failure to object and preserve appealable issues during trial
  • performing no or improper research on current laws and precedent
  • failure to designate experts or proper witnesses

When you come to Shuford Law Firm regarding lawyer malpractice issues, you will have the personal attention of a seasoned attorney throughout your case. Although many attorneys are unwilling to sue other attorneys, Mr. Shuford is proud to protect Texans and the legal profession by fighting for clients when they have been damaged by the malpractice of trial attorneys.

Having worked for several large law firms, he understands how they operate, and knows how to counter common defenses. With an excellent reputation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Mr. Shuford has a history of successful cases. All cases are taken on a contingency basis. Contact our firm and let Mr. Shuford put his experience to work for you.

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4054 McKinney Avenue, Suite 310
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Phone: (214) 742-1701
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Our Dallas lawyer & malpractice attorney at Shuford Law Firm, located in Dallas, Texas, serves the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, north Texas, and all of Texas, including Plano, Houston, and Austin.

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